Value, strategically magnified

At Tally Energy Services, we identify the strengths of our partners, then strategically deploy capital in a way that maintains that momentum of success. It’s a true partnership in which the operational leaders from the acquired company frequently become owners, applying proven expertise to ensure the continuity of growth and success.

Common ground for uncommon success

It’s crucial that the operating companies we acquire continue to deliver the solutions that made them successful to begin with. Tally’s buy-and-build approach is the result of thoughtful pre-acquisition planning and extensive integration experience. We spend a lot of time evaluating how products and services complement each other within the business line and our extended portfolio.

Businesses are as unique as people. There is no one-size-fits-all playbook for acquisition integration. We tailor each plan to the situation and to business needs, ensuring that it works for both customers and employees.

Success, forward

Operating companies of Tally Energy Services have something in common—a stellar reputation for excellence and an unwavering commitment to their customers’ success. We respect the principles and the people behind that thinking.

In the course of any transition, things will naturally change. We are committed to preserving what’s been proven to work, while smoothly executing new processes or strategies to continue growing. 

The capital behind compelling ideas

Tally Energy Services launched as a partnership between RedBird Capital Partners, Sallyport Investments, Chris Dorros and a group of strategic co-investors; a partnership based on a shared passion for building great businesses. We seek out the most effective ideas and put them to work. Implicit in our pragmatic approach is inviting like-minded owners and entrepreneurs to partner with us, preserving the momentum of proven success.

RedBird Capital Partners  

Invests transformational growth equity in partnerships with successful owners and entrepreneurs.

Sallyport Investments

Endeavors to be a value-adding partner to the companies in which we invest, working side-by-side with our management teams to create great businesses and long-term value.